Why Businesses Need to Use Social Media

One of the greatest wins of the 21st century has to do with how it has quickened the pace of communication through the innovative changes of information technology and applied information and communication technology. Social media platforms are a brainchild of this very system, taking communication to a whole new level of more and more possibilities through the presence of various media factors including gifs, photos, videos, sound bites, text, articles etc. This speed of communication ultimately also catalyses other processes including transactions, queries, advertisement, feedback, outreach etc. These processes are vital for the quality assurance of a business.

I sat down and interviewed Tim Schmidt, who runs a very successful course on online marketing called Affiliate U.  Check him out in the video below.

He helped me compose a lot of the content today, so “Thank You” Tim, for doing so. 

The swift pace of communications and processing encourages a better pace of business activity. With social media links on our finger tips, especially through the applications designed for smart phones with special user friendly integrated designs, it is now easier than ever to actually engage in real time communication and have processes take place simultaneously. It has indeed been a special turning point for the corporate world as well as that of the individuals. The simple system of notification does not let any moment pass by without potentially reminding you of the latest offers or the cheapest bargains that you could possibly benefit from.

Frequent lucky draws and contests on social media platforms further encourage the individuals and groups to share posts for the business hence automatically increasing repo and further expanding the viewership of the brand offerings pretty much free of cost as it generally starts a chain of processes where the posts are shared, liked, raised curiosity on and then transferred to further circles of friends, colleagues and family on social media platforms.

Image maintenance for the business is one of the most important things. The spread of rumors through negative comments can sabotage the well being of the business but it can easily be countered by a strong an consistently up to date presence on social media platforms through social media representatives that are often hired by capable businesses to monitor the social networking platforms and provide on point support and response to customer feedback which may very well save the business from am angry client leaving the service or even from discouraging others from continuing to receive services from the firm. Surveys and polls also represent the quickest ways to analyze trends and quickly gather copious amounts of data for multiple purposes.

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