What is a Plane Swing Trainer?

As you all know, I follow radio ads and appreciate good advertising.  That’s why I’m here today, to tell you about a new product that I feel is something all golf nuts should check out.

I know my swing is a mess – like my favorite NBA player Charles Barkley.

What Is A Plane Swing Trainer, And Why You Should Use One

When it comes to the perfect golf game, you might as well be dreaming. Even the professionals don’t tend to have perfect games. That said, it’s always possible to improve and get better. With the right amount of training and practice, you can take your golf game from over par, to under par. One of the better tools for the job is a plane swing trainer.

Of course, it’s not enough to just train. You have to train right. As the old saying goes, if you practice it wrong, then all you do is train yourself to do it wrong. This is why it’s important to find the right training equipment to ensure you get your golf game where you want it to be. And one of the best pieces of equipment is a plane swing trainer.

What Is A Swing Plane?

If you’re an old hand at golf, then you already understand the concept of a swing plane. If you’re just starting out or if you’re self-taught, you might not be as familiar with the concept.

A swing plane is just that. The area taken up by your golf swing. A good golf swing isn’t just hitting the ball with your golf club. It’s a specific motion that ensures the best velocity and impact point to make the ball fly across the course as far as possible. Even a slight variation could mean the difference in dozens of yards. Naturally, you want to make sure your swing is as perfect as possible, which means you have to be aware of your swing plane.

What Does A Trainer Do?

When you’re using a trainer to help your swing, it’s designed to do a very specific thing. Namely, keep your swing on the proper plane, and help train your muscle memory so that you’ll do it right every single time.

How does it do that? By literally forcing your swing to go along the right plane. A trainer is a large hoop to which you connect a club (many come with their own specially weighted club). You then swing the club, and the trainer forces your swing to take a specific track. There’s only the one track it can take, after all!

By using a trainer, you gradually force your muscles to remember the specific motion. It’s been well proven that muscle memory plays a huge part in a variety of athletic endeavors, and golf swings are no different. Little by little, over time, you’ll begin following the same exact motion as the trainer forces you to follow. You won’t need the trainer; you’ll simply have the perfect swing!

Of course, if you’re going to purchase a trainer, you have to do a bit of research. Make sure the trainer is sturdy enough that it won’t break down or become damaged from repeated use. You also have to ensure the trainer is designed to deal with the amount of strength with which you will swing the club. Alternatively, you should make sure you can swing the club with less force.

Either way, as long as you ensure the swing hoop is a good quality piece of equipment, and you use it every day, you’ll soon find that your golf swing becomes much better.

You can also check out what Golf Digest suggests as tips on how to improve your swing, but I’m personally going to invest in a Swing Trainer.

Jerry Bell


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