Radio Advertisement Promises Adult Flings?

I can’t help but chuckle when I hear ads that promise sexual encounters.  However, I took my butt to and made some searches to find this website that promised all these freaky deaky things, and guess what?  It’s real.  It’s very real.

People Have Flings Online?

Yep, it’s true.  I tasked one of my ex interns to come up with a profile and actually give this website a test drive.  Let’s just say it’s not the Christian Singles or type of thing.  It’s actually for people who are into no strings attached sex.  I also consulted this website – review site, before having my intern, Sam, join up.  Everything checked out according to Tom Savage, the founder of Adult Personals, so off we went.

Please enjoy, share, or laugh! Review (by Sam Wilson)


Have you ever tried to join a dating site and encountered nothing but bots and bogus profiles? The sad truth is that there are more sites that use bots and fake profiles than there are legit ones. That’s why, when I find a legit dating site, I like to sing their praises. Well, I can’t sing the praises of enough. They don’t have the typical fraudulent practices that I have seen on countless other dating sites and they actually get results. I had more success on Fling than I did with most other sites I have tried and I didn’t have to put forth a lot of effort. They are up front about what they charge and most of the profiles are real. You would be surprised how rare that is in the online dating world.

Apparently this woman is joining right now!

My Experience

If your experience is anything like mine; you will want to put as many details about yourself in your profile as possible. The more details I would add to my profile, the less messages I would receive, but that’s a good thing. Without a lot of details, you will receive messages from women that you aren’t very attracted to. When you add details, you will get a higher caliber selection and quantity will be replaced by quality.

When you first sign in; a page full of profiles is displayed and you can indicate if you think that any of these women are “hot” or “not”. I would advise being very selective at first and see what happens. There are more genuine profiles at Fling than there are at many other dating sites, so you know that the messages you receive are real and you don’t have to sit there and try to figure out if they are bots. Continue to click “hot” on all the profiles you like then refine your search to include only the most compatible matches.

I was talking to three women at once in my first week as a member and the number could have been higher. This was one of the first sites I have tried that gave me so many choices that I was able to set my expectations higher and be a little pickier in my selection process than I usually am.

Search Options

All the basic search options are here with some advanced search options, even if you are a basic member. Even more advanced search options are available when you pay for a premium membership. You can choose basic search criteria like what gender, age range, and location you are looking for. You can also indicate all your fetishes you have or particular turn-ons. I like the quick chat button that is next to each profile, so you can easily introduce yourself when you find matches. One thing I found to make hooking up easier is to indicate your intentions on your profile. Meaning, you should indicate if you are looking for a date or just a hookup. If you make your intentions known up front you will attract matches who are looking for the same thing as you are.

Cost / Benefit Comparison

You can create a profile and view the adult photos with a free basic membership, but you can’t send messages. There are many membership options to choose from that will unlock features and let you send messages. When you pay for a Silver membership you can add members to your Black Book, view larger photos, and contact other members through instant message, e-mail, and web cam. Silver membership does not allow free members to respond to you. Gold membership has all the same features, but you get a premium profile listing and free members can interact with you.

Silver 3-Day Trial: $4.95

Silver 1-Month Subscription $24.95

Silver 3-Month Subscription $16.65 a month

Gold 2-Day Trial: $2.48 a day.

Gold 7-Day Trial: $9.95.

Gold 1-Month Subscription: $34.95

Gold 3-Month Subscription: $19.98 a month.

Gold 6-Month Subscription: $11.65 a month.

Gold 12-Month Subscription: $6.67 a month.


Secure software assures that your financial information is safe. has a great reputation for safety and you choose what information you reveal to others. That being said, you should be cautious when interacting with strangers, no matter what site you are on. This is especially true if you plan to meet someone face to face. The safe mode allows you to filter out all of the explicit adult content if that is not what you’re into.

Pros and Cons


  • Large number of members
  • Many free features
  • Chat rooms
  • Video chat
  • Free webcam tokens
  • Explicit photos and videos
  • They offer a 3-month guarantee


  • No compatibility tests


A lot of free features allows you to check out Fling quite a bit and a paid membership does not disappoint.  Join here if you dare!

Jerry Bell


Jerry is a retired Radio host who keeps his vocal spirit going on this blog, You can email him on this page.