Radio Ads Talking About Short Sales

I’ve heard so many advertisements asking people to call them about their short sales program.

One Miami based Short sales expert named Antonio Lopez has multiple ads out there.  He’s the guy to call if you have an issue with your house and you are underwater.

Check out his video below.

What Exactly is a Short Sale?

A short sale is a sale of real estate in which the mortgagor persuades the mortgage holder to sell the property for an amount less than the amount owed to him by the mortgagor. In that case the lender mostly forgives the outstanding debt. This unpaid balance owed to the lender is known as a deficiency.

Since these short sales can be done with mutual consent of both the lender and the mortgagor sometimes the lender refuses the short sale especially when the mortgagor has several mortgage payments to be made. Most of the times the reason for opting for a short sale for the borrower is to avoid foreclosure that appears on their credit report and ruins their credit worthiness and for lenders the reason is that they can avoid huge fees that are linked with foreclosure.

When many people go for a home shopping they first go for the short sale houses because they are available at a discounted price. These short sale houses mean that the seller is particularly lagging in mortgage payments and want to strike a deal with the lender so he can hopefully avoid the process of foreclosure and its future consequences.

Unlike in the foreclosure, in short sale the bank does not own the property. But because the bank must approve the sale because he is the one bearing a loss on the property, it looks as if people buy from the bank. Most times the contract will contain a clause that the property is being purchased as-is. The buyer has the option to back out of deal if he realizes that the property contains a lot of problems but expecting the bank to lower the amount of price of the property or making repairs for damages will not be possible and also it might be difficult for the seller as he is already to in desperate need of cash. So you must have enough money for both purchasing the property and also repairing it for any damages.

A common mistake that most people make while buying short sale property is buying very old properties without inspecting them. Firstly, you must completely avoid properties that age from 15 to 30 years. Secondly you must never skip the inspection of the property. Most of the times properties that are this old have a bundle of problems and renovations attached to them. So it would be very wise of you to avoid buying such properties because you will have to invest an extra sum of money into repairs and maintenance besides the sum you paid for the purchase of the property.

According to most of the experts, selling a property on short sale is not a good deal for the buyers. However there are some who say that since the prices of the properties is way below the market value so it creates an opportunity for the people who otherwise might not have been able to afford a house for themselves.


Jerry Bell


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