Overheard From Our Advertiser : Moving Tips

If you have ever moved, you know that it should come with a full lobotomy, right?

Moving is one of the most painful things we go through in life, and today we present some very good moving tips from Fort Lauderdale Movers Summit Van Lines.

Tips on Making Your Move a Bit More Swift

Before you think about moving, it is generally a good idea to plan ahead and make couple of things noted down before hand to avoid any troublesome issues on the day you move. For example, keep in mind that the new place will have no active electricity if you don’t go out and get signed up with the local company. Also your phones will not be active in the new home. So keeping these things in mind will help you have a smooth move. This guide will help you understand the important things you need to do as soon as you move in.

  1. When your professional moving service truck arrives at the new place, you need to take charge. Even though the movers are professionals, telling them where to unload things is a good way to avoid trouble. Also make sure when the truck arrives at the new place, send off your kids to their new rooms so they don’t get in the way and get hurt.
  2. Open up the boxes one by one. You don’t have to open all the boxes of a room before you unpack one and let its contents out. If a box that contains stuff you don’t need, put it somewhere where you can easily determine this box is not needed. You can later on give it to charity or put it up for sale.
  3. Feed your family once you reach the new place. The ideal thing to do is pack some food ahead of time. But if you couldn’t do that for some reason, have clean utensils ready so you can quickly cook something. Have soup or boiled vegetable. If you’ve got cash to burn, you can take your family out for dinner. Alternatively, you can also arrange a dinner at a friend’s place if they’re nearby.
  4. After eating your food and replenishing your energies. Only unpack the essentials for the night. The rest of the stuff can be unpacked in the morning and throughout the next day. You should ideally keep an essentials bag for every person in your family. That way you won’t have to take too much time finding stuff.
  5. On the next morning, sit down and plan ahead. You don’t need to rush anything. Nothing from your boxes will disappear so take things lightly and slowly unpack them. Follow the rule of unpacking one box at a time until every box is emptied.
  6. When you are unpacking stuff, there will be a lot of clutter. Don’t worry, once you are finished unpacking one room, you can put aside the empty boxes in your garage for later use or put them out in the bin so someone else can take them. No matter what you do, do not start un boxing all the boxes immediately because that is going to create a lot of clutter. You can sell the boxes to someone else on craigslist too.


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