Feathertek Windsock Decoys Review

We recently ran an ad campaign for this company, Performance Calls.  It was a campaign that really led to a lot of call-ins so today we are going to talk more about them.

The Feathertek Windsock Decoys is the new range of snow geese decoys from Performance Calls.

Performance Calls claims that their snow geese decoys are the ultimate solution to bagging in more geese as you hunt. They have designed the decoys to make sure that you as a snow geese hunter, gets the best out of the money you pay.

Features of Feathertek Windsock Decoys

Pre-Assembled Decoys – The windsock decoys by Performance Calls come to your home fully assembled. This saves you hours and hours of maintenance work on assembling decoys. Order windsock decoys and when you receive them, you are ready to go. This is our favorite part of the Feathertek snow goose decoys.

Compact and small size – any snow geese hunter knows that carrying a whole lot of decoys in their truck or trailer is a very tough job that requires a lot of space. The Feathertek decoys are designed to keep the size as compact as possible. These decoys collapse with a simple thrust to the backbone and are ready to be stored inside a storage box. You can carry as many as 200 decoys in medium sized storage box.

Doesn’t require wind – The design of Feathertek Windsock Decoys supports the Tyvek technology. This patented technology can fully bloat the decoy without any wind in the environment. This is ideal for people who hunt in places where there is very less wind.

Optional heads – with the Feathertek Windsock Decoys, you have the option to separately buy geese heads to make them even more real. These are ideal if you are really serious about hunting a lot of geese.

Maximum details – the windsock decoys are carefully detailed when manufactured. This makes them look very real from a distance and hence becomes a great lure to your favorite game.


The Feathertek Windsock Decoys are extremely well made, compact and durable decoys that are an excellent partner for you when hunting geese. They are available to buy in dozens and Performance Calls give you a hefty discount when you purchase a lot of these.

Since geese hunting require a lot of spread of decoys, you may need as many as 600 or more of these to get you the best results.

Since the pricing is so good, you will probably have no problem buying a few hundred of these. They also fit perfectly in compact spaces so it is a win-win in every way.

Jerry Bell


Jerry is a retired Radio host who keeps his vocal spirit going on this blog, PRNRadio.com. You can email him on this page.