Getting the Word Out About Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Instead of saying “oh Michael is out of control,” DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Today I’m writing about something very close to my heart, being from a family of alcohol addicted people.

I was in treatment at Meridian Treatment Solutions Drug Rehab Center. I completed my 30 days and seriously it saved my life. I would have stayed there longer but I really needed to get back to my 15 month old son. I had relapsed on crystal meth and my life had become a living nightmare. I just could not stop myself. I tried the meetings and family and friends did all they could do. However, I realized that I needed a proper treatment.

The first week was very emotional and I got the chance to identify the major issues that had been bothering me for a long time. I found a lot of comfort in spending time with other patients who faced similar problems to me.

The therapists were truly amazing and I made a tremendous breakthrough during the therapy. Meridian solutions have this EMDR Therapy; eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. This is a psychotherapy that is designed to reduce the trauma related stress and anxiety that is linked with post traumatic stress disorder and improves overall mental health functioning.

Being Addicted to Alcohol

You CAN get help for addiction to alcohol.

EMDR treatment is an innovative and an effective treatment for substance abuse. It has changed lives of many different addicts including me.

The exercises involve detailed discussion about the past traumas that may be the reason for the patient’s addiction. With that, the various parts of the brain are engaged through tones, taps, bilateral eye movements and other factors. By combining all the brain is easier to reprogram in quite different ways.

Mostly patients that undergo EMDR treatment find it easier to win the battle against drugs and alcohol addiction. They even learn new things, for example, healthy ways how to cope with past traumas or emotionally painful accidents. This can improve the quality of the patient’s life and show a lasting effect of addiction management.

The treatment is provided by a therapist who first reviews the history of the patient and assesses whether the patient is completely ready for the EMDR. During the preparatory phase the therapists asks about some comforting and positive moments in their life that can be used if the psychological distress linked with a trauma triggers.

According to some theories, a patient with a history of repeated unsuccessful attempts at rehabilitation are untreated traumas and EMDR is the best treatment for patients who have faced them in the past.

I am thankful to Meridian Solutions for giving me my life back.