Radio Advertisement Promises Adult Flings?

I can’t help but chuckle when I hear ads that promise sexual encounters.  However, I took my butt to and made some searches to find this website that promised all these freaky deaky things, and guess what?  It’s real.  It’s very real.

People Have Flings Online?

Yep, it’s true.  I tasked one of my ex interns to come up with a profile and actually give this website a test drive.  Let’s just say it’s not the Christian Singles or type of thing.  It’s actually for people who are into no strings attached sex.  I also consulted this website – review site, before having my intern, Sam, join up.  Everything checked out according to Tom Savage, the founder of Adult Personals, so off we went.

Please enjoy, share, or laugh! Review (by Sam Wilson)


Have you ever tried to join a dating site and encountered nothing but bots and bogus profiles? The sad truth is that there are more sites that use bots and fake profiles than there are legit ones. That’s why, when I find a legit dating site, I like to sing their praises. Well, I can’t sing the praises of enough. They don’t have the typical fraudulent practices that I have seen on countless other dating sites and they actually get results. I had more success on Fling than I did with most other sites I have tried and I didn’t have to put forth a lot of effort. They are up front about what they charge and most of the profiles are real. You would be surprised how rare that is in the online dating world.

Apparently this woman is joining right now!

My Experience

If your experience is anything like mine; you will want to put as many details about yourself in your profile as possible. The more details I would add to my profile, the less messages I would receive, but that’s a good thing. Without a lot of details, you will receive messages from women that you aren’t very attracted to. When you add details, you will get a higher caliber selection and quantity will be replaced by quality.

When you first sign in; a page full of profiles is displayed and you can indicate if you think that any of these women are “hot” or “not”. I would advise being very selective at first and see what happens. There are more genuine profiles at Fling than there are at many other dating sites, so you know that the messages you receive are real and you don’t have to sit there and try to figure out if they are bots. Continue to click “hot” on all the profiles you like then refine your search to include only the most compatible matches.

I was talking to three women at once in my first week as a member and the number could have been higher. This was one of the first sites I have tried that gave me so many choices that I was able to set my expectations higher and be a little pickier in my selection process than I usually am.

Search Options

All the basic search options are here with some advanced search options, even if you are a basic member. Even more advanced search options are available when you pay for a premium membership. You can choose basic search criteria like what gender, age range, and location you are looking for. You can also indicate all your fetishes you have or particular turn-ons. I like the quick chat button that is next to each profile, so you can easily introduce yourself when you find matches. One thing I found to make hooking up easier is to indicate your intentions on your profile. Meaning, you should indicate if you are looking for a date or just a hookup. If you make your intentions known up front you will attract matches who are looking for the same thing as you are.

Cost / Benefit Comparison

You can create a profile and view the adult photos with a free basic membership, but you can’t send messages. There are many membership options to choose from that will unlock features and let you send messages. When you pay for a Silver membership you can add members to your Black Book, view larger photos, and contact other members through instant message, e-mail, and web cam. Silver membership does not allow free members to respond to you. Gold membership has all the same features, but you get a premium profile listing and free members can interact with you.

Silver 3-Day Trial: $4.95

Silver 1-Month Subscription $24.95

Silver 3-Month Subscription $16.65 a month

Gold 2-Day Trial: $2.48 a day.

Gold 7-Day Trial: $9.95.

Gold 1-Month Subscription: $34.95

Gold 3-Month Subscription: $19.98 a month.

Gold 6-Month Subscription: $11.65 a month.

Gold 12-Month Subscription: $6.67 a month.


Secure software assures that your financial information is safe. has a great reputation for safety and you choose what information you reveal to others. That being said, you should be cautious when interacting with strangers, no matter what site you are on. This is especially true if you plan to meet someone face to face. The safe mode allows you to filter out all of the explicit adult content if that is not what you’re into.

Pros and Cons


  • Large number of members
  • Many free features
  • Chat rooms
  • Video chat
  • Free webcam tokens
  • Explicit photos and videos
  • They offer a 3-month guarantee


  • No compatibility tests


A lot of free features allows you to check out Fling quite a bit and a paid membership does not disappoint.  Join here if you dare!

What is a Plane Swing Trainer?

As you all know, I follow radio ads and appreciate good advertising.  That’s why I’m here today, to tell you about a new product that I feel is something all golf nuts should check out.

I know my swing is a mess – like my favorite NBA player Charles Barkley.

What Is A Plane Swing Trainer, And Why You Should Use One

When it comes to the perfect golf game, you might as well be dreaming. Even the professionals don’t tend to have perfect games. That said, it’s always possible to improve and get better. With the right amount of training and practice, you can take your golf game from over par, to under par. One of the better tools for the job is a plane swing trainer.

Of course, it’s not enough to just train. You have to train right. As the old saying goes, if you practice it wrong, then all you do is train yourself to do it wrong. This is why it’s important to find the right training equipment to ensure you get your golf game where you want it to be. And one of the best pieces of equipment is a plane swing trainer.

What Is A Swing Plane?

If you’re an old hand at golf, then you already understand the concept of a swing plane. If you’re just starting out or if you’re self-taught, you might not be as familiar with the concept.

A swing plane is just that. The area taken up by your golf swing. A good golf swing isn’t just hitting the ball with your golf club. It’s a specific motion that ensures the best velocity and impact point to make the ball fly across the course as far as possible. Even a slight variation could mean the difference in dozens of yards. Naturally, you want to make sure your swing is as perfect as possible, which means you have to be aware of your swing plane.

What Does A Trainer Do?

When you’re using a trainer to help your swing, it’s designed to do a very specific thing. Namely, keep your swing on the proper plane, and help train your muscle memory so that you’ll do it right every single time.

How does it do that? By literally forcing your swing to go along the right plane. A trainer is a large hoop to which you connect a club (many come with their own specially weighted club). You then swing the club, and the trainer forces your swing to take a specific track. There’s only the one track it can take, after all!

By using a trainer, you gradually force your muscles to remember the specific motion. It’s been well proven that muscle memory plays a huge part in a variety of athletic endeavors, and golf swings are no different. Little by little, over time, you’ll begin following the same exact motion as the trainer forces you to follow. You won’t need the trainer; you’ll simply have the perfect swing!

Of course, if you’re going to purchase a trainer, you have to do a bit of research. Make sure the trainer is sturdy enough that it won’t break down or become damaged from repeated use. You also have to ensure the trainer is designed to deal with the amount of strength with which you will swing the club. Alternatively, you should make sure you can swing the club with less force.

Either way, as long as you ensure the swing hoop is a good quality piece of equipment, and you use it every day, you’ll soon find that your golf swing becomes much better.

You can also check out what Golf Digest suggests as tips on how to improve your swing, but I’m personally going to invest in a Swing Trainer.

Overheard From Our Advertiser : Moving Tips

If you have ever moved, you know that it should come with a full lobotomy, right?

Moving is one of the most painful things we go through in life, and today we present some very good moving tips from Fort Lauderdale Movers Summit Van Lines.

Tips on Making Your Move a Bit More Swift

Before you think about moving, it is generally a good idea to plan ahead and make couple of things noted down before hand to avoid any troublesome issues on the day you move. For example, keep in mind that the new place will have no active electricity if you don’t go out and get signed up with the local company. Also your phones will not be active in the new home. So keeping these things in mind will help you have a smooth move. This guide will help you understand the important things you need to do as soon as you move in.

  1. When your professional moving service truck arrives at the new place, you need to take charge. Even though the movers are professionals, telling them where to unload things is a good way to avoid trouble. Also make sure when the truck arrives at the new place, send off your kids to their new rooms so they don’t get in the way and get hurt.
  2. Open up the boxes one by one. You don’t have to open all the boxes of a room before you unpack one and let its contents out. If a box that contains stuff you don’t need, put it somewhere where you can easily determine this box is not needed. You can later on give it to charity or put it up for sale.
  3. Feed your family once you reach the new place. The ideal thing to do is pack some food ahead of time. But if you couldn’t do that for some reason, have clean utensils ready so you can quickly cook something. Have soup or boiled vegetable. If you’ve got cash to burn, you can take your family out for dinner. Alternatively, you can also arrange a dinner at a friend’s place if they’re nearby.
  4. After eating your food and replenishing your energies. Only unpack the essentials for the night. The rest of the stuff can be unpacked in the morning and throughout the next day. You should ideally keep an essentials bag for every person in your family. That way you won’t have to take too much time finding stuff.
  5. On the next morning, sit down and plan ahead. You don’t need to rush anything. Nothing from your boxes will disappear so take things lightly and slowly unpack them. Follow the rule of unpacking one box at a time until every box is emptied.
  6. When you are unpacking stuff, there will be a lot of clutter. Don’t worry, once you are finished unpacking one room, you can put aside the empty boxes in your garage for later use or put them out in the bin so someone else can take them. No matter what you do, do not start un boxing all the boxes immediately because that is going to create a lot of clutter. You can sell the boxes to someone else on craigslist too.


Feathertek Windsock Decoys Review

We recently ran an ad campaign for this company, Performance Calls.  It was a campaign that really led to a lot of call-ins so today we are going to talk more about them.

The Feathertek Windsock Decoys is the new range of snow geese decoys from Performance Calls.

Performance Calls claims that their snow geese decoys are the ultimate solution to bagging in more geese as you hunt. They have designed the decoys to make sure that you as a snow geese hunter, gets the best out of the money you pay.

Features of Feathertek Windsock Decoys

Pre-Assembled Decoys – The windsock decoys by Performance Calls come to your home fully assembled. This saves you hours and hours of maintenance work on assembling decoys. Order windsock decoys and when you receive them, you are ready to go. This is our favorite part of the Feathertek snow goose decoys.

Compact and small size – any snow geese hunter knows that carrying a whole lot of decoys in their truck or trailer is a very tough job that requires a lot of space. The Feathertek decoys are designed to keep the size as compact as possible. These decoys collapse with a simple thrust to the backbone and are ready to be stored inside a storage box. You can carry as many as 200 decoys in medium sized storage box.

Doesn’t require wind – The design of Feathertek Windsock Decoys supports the Tyvek technology. This patented technology can fully bloat the decoy without any wind in the environment. This is ideal for people who hunt in places where there is very less wind.

Optional heads – with the Feathertek Windsock Decoys, you have the option to separately buy geese heads to make them even more real. These are ideal if you are really serious about hunting a lot of geese.

Maximum details – the windsock decoys are carefully detailed when manufactured. This makes them look very real from a distance and hence becomes a great lure to your favorite game.


The Feathertek Windsock Decoys are extremely well made, compact and durable decoys that are an excellent partner for you when hunting geese. They are available to buy in dozens and Performance Calls give you a hefty discount when you purchase a lot of these.

Since geese hunting require a lot of spread of decoys, you may need as many as 600 or more of these to get you the best results.

Since the pricing is so good, you will probably have no problem buying a few hundred of these. They also fit perfectly in compact spaces so it is a win-win in every way.

Why Businesses Need to Use Social Media

One of the greatest wins of the 21st century has to do with how it has quickened the pace of communication through the innovative changes of information technology and applied information and communication technology. Social media platforms are a brainchild of this very system, taking communication to a whole new level of more and more possibilities through the presence of various media factors including gifs, photos, videos, sound bites, text, articles etc. This speed of communication ultimately also catalyses other processes including transactions, queries, advertisement, feedback, outreach etc. These processes are vital for the quality assurance of a business.

I sat down and interviewed Tim Schmidt, who runs a very successful course on online marketing called Affiliate U.  Check him out in the video below.

He helped me compose a lot of the content today, so “Thank You” Tim, for doing so. 

The swift pace of communications and processing encourages a better pace of business activity. With social media links on our finger tips, especially through the applications designed for smart phones with special user friendly integrated designs, it is now easier than ever to actually engage in real time communication and have processes take place simultaneously. It has indeed been a special turning point for the corporate world as well as that of the individuals. The simple system of notification does not let any moment pass by without potentially reminding you of the latest offers or the cheapest bargains that you could possibly benefit from.

Frequent lucky draws and contests on social media platforms further encourage the individuals and groups to share posts for the business hence automatically increasing repo and further expanding the viewership of the brand offerings pretty much free of cost as it generally starts a chain of processes where the posts are shared, liked, raised curiosity on and then transferred to further circles of friends, colleagues and family on social media platforms.

Image maintenance for the business is one of the most important things. The spread of rumors through negative comments can sabotage the well being of the business but it can easily be countered by a strong an consistently up to date presence on social media platforms through social media representatives that are often hired by capable businesses to monitor the social networking platforms and provide on point support and response to customer feedback which may very well save the business from am angry client leaving the service or even from discouraging others from continuing to receive services from the firm. Surveys and polls also represent the quickest ways to analyze trends and quickly gather copious amounts of data for multiple purposes.

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Radio Ads Talking About Short Sales

I’ve heard so many advertisements asking people to call them about their short sales program.

One Miami based Short sales expert named Antonio Lopez has multiple ads out there.  He’s the guy to call if you have an issue with your house and you are underwater.

Check out his video below.

What Exactly is a Short Sale?

A short sale is a sale of real estate in which the mortgagor persuades the mortgage holder to sell the property for an amount less than the amount owed to him by the mortgagor. In that case the lender mostly forgives the outstanding debt. This unpaid balance owed to the lender is known as a deficiency.

Since these short sales can be done with mutual consent of both the lender and the mortgagor sometimes the lender refuses the short sale especially when the mortgagor has several mortgage payments to be made. Most of the times the reason for opting for a short sale for the borrower is to avoid foreclosure that appears on their credit report and ruins their credit worthiness and for lenders the reason is that they can avoid huge fees that are linked with foreclosure.

When many people go for a home shopping they first go for the short sale houses because they are available at a discounted price. These short sale houses mean that the seller is particularly lagging in mortgage payments and want to strike a deal with the lender so he can hopefully avoid the process of foreclosure and its future consequences.

Unlike in the foreclosure, in short sale the bank does not own the property. But because the bank must approve the sale because he is the one bearing a loss on the property, it looks as if people buy from the bank. Most times the contract will contain a clause that the property is being purchased as-is. The buyer has the option to back out of deal if he realizes that the property contains a lot of problems but expecting the bank to lower the amount of price of the property or making repairs for damages will not be possible and also it might be difficult for the seller as he is already to in desperate need of cash. So you must have enough money for both purchasing the property and also repairing it for any damages.

A common mistake that most people make while buying short sale property is buying very old properties without inspecting them. Firstly, you must completely avoid properties that age from 15 to 30 years. Secondly you must never skip the inspection of the property. Most of the times properties that are this old have a bundle of problems and renovations attached to them. So it would be very wise of you to avoid buying such properties because you will have to invest an extra sum of money into repairs and maintenance besides the sum you paid for the purchase of the property.

According to most of the experts, selling a property on short sale is not a good deal for the buyers. However there are some who say that since the prices of the properties is way below the market value so it creates an opportunity for the people who otherwise might not have been able to afford a house for themselves.


Nicotine Addiction – It Can Happen To Anyone

If you have ever known someone who smokes cigarettes, you probably have seen this first hand.

We spoke of addiction in our last update.  Addiction’s are very serious.  Be in alcohol, drugs, gambling, what have you.  They are all very taxing on friends, family, and social life.

Addiction to nicotine can affect more demographics then all other addictions.  Kids these days start smoking at the early ages of seven, eight, nine, or ten.  It really doesn’t matter when, it’s just IF they start this nasty habit.

Most people think that tobacco is the addictive part of cigarette smoking.  This could not be farther from the truth.

It’s nicotine.

Nicotine can make someone an addict about as fast as heroin, which is very scary.

It’s nothing to take lightly.  Even the people who think they are doing the right thing by smoking electronic cigarettes or “vaping” as they commonly call it now, they are getting nicotine in 99% of the situations.  I say 99% because that’s what sells in the e-cig world, the nicotine-filled cartridges and e-juice bottles that contain flavors mixed to anyone’s specs, but of course, with enough nicotine to get people that kick they desire.

A small portion of the sales, according to industry giant VMR Products, maker’s of the V2 brand of e-cigs, is in the zero nicotine cartridges.  These cartridges contain no nicotine, and therefore, are the only ones I can suggest you try.  Jan Verleur, CEO of this company, has provided a link to a V2 Cigs promotion where you can save up to 45% off with these special coupon codes.

I’m not endorsing smoking, but if you do, choose nicotine free cartridges.  Here’s a quick video why you should not take my advice lightly, and stick to the zero nicotine products if you have any inkling at all to smoke.

Smoking kills.  Nicotine is addictive.  That’s the bottom line.